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True Corporate Partnerships

Posted 5/13/2015

All successful partnerships have one aspect in common; They are mutually beneficial. Over the past 5 years Camp Patriot has directly contributed to our corporate partner Justin Boots success by helping them increase their revenues over 100%!

Many non-profit organization approach corporation with their hands out asking for contributions. We felt that our Camp Patriot Brand, message, mission and images had real currency with consumers and approached a select group of corporations with true partnership concept.

We asked our corporate partners to use our images and message of "Giving Back To Those Who Have Given"  in their marketing campaigns. We worked directly with their outside advertising agencies to seamlessly weave our message into our partner's Brand, and the results have been amazing!


"A 100% revenue increase each year! Our partnership with Camp Patriot has been a total win-win. One of our best marketing programs."  

-Brandon Barker, Brand Manager 

Justin JMAX Boots 


Justin Boots are a handcrafted American made product, each time a pair of Justin JMAX Boots are sold anyplace in the world, Camp Patriot receives a small percentage of the revenues. Justin Boots wove our images into their marketing and Point of Sales materials and product tags. They met with their retailers and educated them on our story of empowering wounded American veterans though outdoor program. The results: A 100+% revenue increase in JMAX Boot sales each year!


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