Additional outdoor activity for disabled veterans is almost complete!

Over the years many veterans have expressed interest in being able to shoot firearms and archery while at the ranch.  As a result, we have taken a small section of the ranch and have begun to convert it into a gun range and an archery range as a new outdoor activity for disabled veterans.  Even though the ranges are not fully complete at this time, it is definitely usable.  

So what do the ranges have to offer?  Whether the veterans wish to shoot competitively or just enjoy sending rounds downrange, the gun range will allow for both.  In addition, there are several targets set up in various locations for small caliber rounds and larger plates for higher caliber rounds.  Veterans have the option of shooting rifles or pistols.  There are shooting benches also available for sighting in rifles or to work on long-range shots.  We also have two competition targets setup for smaller caliber and larger caliber rounds.  Still, a lot of work to be done, but the range is taking shape.  Above all, we look forward to having veterans enjoy the camaraderie while getting back to the range.

If the gun range is not of interest, the veterans can choose to shoot at the archery range.  Just like the gun range, shooters can choose to shoot from multiple locations, various distances, and at various targets.  Either way, the veterans are able to engage in an outdoor activity that suits their comfort level.  There is no pressure to shoot, if it is not of interest then we have many other activities they can choose from.  Ultimately, engaging in the many outdoor activities at the ranch continues to help our disabled veterans enjoy the beautiful Montana outdoors.

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