The new Justin Boot Lodge for Disabled Veterans is taking shape!

Construction of the Justin Boot Lodge for Disabled Veterans is progressing.  In addition, the 4,800 square foot lodge is being constructed with 14-inch diameter D logs milled at the Wewbley Lumber Mill in Colville, Washington.  Our lodge will have:

  • 4 ADA bedrooms,
  • 2 ADA bathrooms,
  • conference/training room,
  • large living room with a floor to ceiling fireplace,
  • second floor (non-ADA) bedroom with bathroom and shower,
  • large kitchen,
  • wrap-around deck with spectacular views,
  • drive-through carport,
  • many more features to come…

Update 8/5/2020:

Under the current conditions within the U.S. and world, construction of the Justin Boot lodge is still progressing.  Even though we were striving to have it completed the summer of 2020 with all the happenings in the world, the progress has slowed.  Nonetheless, there is much excitement around the progress that has taken place within the interior.  Wiring, ceiling tongue and groove, a few interior outer walls are in the process of being complete.  Once all the wiring is complete, then the interior walls can get finished.  Most importantly, thank you to everyone who has supported us financially in the construction of the lodge.

We are also looking for additional organizations that believe in our mission and who would like to partner with us on the completion of this amazing lodge that will support many more disabled veterans who have sacrificed for our amazing Country!  As the buildout continues we will continue to provide updates.  If you have any questions regarding our mission please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, just click here.