Diesel Brothers and Polaris United We Ride
Polaris General XP 4 1000 Delux

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Polaris partnered with Diesel Brothers to custom build three amazing machines to honor our nation’s military, police, and fire department heroes. Camp Patriot was chosen as the recipient of the Polaris GENERAL XP 4 1000 Deluxe. We are extremely grateful to Polaris and the Diesel Brothers for this utterly beautiful machine. The veterans that come to Camp Patriot are going to thoroughly enjoy their time riding this machine on the ranch. Many of our veterans are not able to ride the traditional ATV, so this machine is going to allow many of our veterans the opportunity to explore the great outdoors in style! Thank you again, Polaris and Diesel Brothers. Two top-notch organizations!

Please visit Polaris and Diesel Brothers to say thank you for supporting our nation’s military, police, and fire department heroes!

Special Veteran’s Day Trip

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Thank you to all our Veterans for their service to this great republic!  We would like to also say THANK YOU to all the patriotic Americans that help our disabled Veterans and our Camp Patriot supporters!  In honor of our Veteran’s Day, we wanted to do a special trip with a few Veterans.  During our time together we celebrated Thanksgiving a little early by preparing a turkey dinner, tied flies with “Fish’n Fred”, fished the lake, visited the river falls, and just enjoyed each other’s company.

Here are just a few pictures of the amazing time we had together.

Talking Lead Podcast interview with Micah Clark

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Thank you Mann Mortgage, the Red Lodge has a new name!

No Mann Left Behind – Liberty Lodge

Image of the No Mann Left Behind Liberty Lodge

Mann Mortgage has been a major supporter of Camp Patriot since 2015. Throughout the years they have donated over $100,000 to support our mission to empower wounded and disabled military veterans. As a thank you, we asked Mann Mortgage to help us name the “Red-Roof” lodge at the Camp patriot Ranch. Through contributions of their customers, the Mann Mortgage team has named the cabin: “No Mann Left Behind – Liberty Lodge”.

The Loft Bar & Grill in Leavenworth, Washington

Thank you Mrs. & Mr. Murphy and son Arrron, for their generous donation of $1000 after sharing with them the mission of Camp Patriot.  We look forward to partnering with The Loft in the future!

Veteran’s Day Partnership with Global Ordnance

Thank you Global Ordnance for partnering with Camp Patriot to support our Veteran’s on Veteran’s Day. They donated 100% of their sales from www.GlobalOrdnance.com website to Camp Patriot.

Stay up to date by visiting Global Ordnance’s Facebook page.

Justin Boots Dove Hunt with Bubby Brister and Bill Romanowski